Top 10 Best Video Games for Kids and Families

Contrary to today’s mythos, video games are educational, social, and far from “geekdom”-there is something in the vast landscape of video games for everyone. Everyone from very small children, to the younger kid set, to pre-teens can not only find great games to enjoy,

Battlefield V PC Full Version

Battlefield V for PC is bound to be one of the most thrilling first person shooters of all time. Having combined the designing expertise of all of their artists and developers over the years this is set to be one of the most iconic

Battle Systems: Mega Man Battle Network

I feel like I need to write this article because for one reason or another nobody sings the praises of this excellent video game series. Mega Man Battle Network is an RPG spin-off of the Mega Man series that was released on the Game

Colossatron: Massive World Threat Review

With the knowledge that Halfbrick Studios, the guys behind Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, it seemed only necessary that I invest the modest amount of $1.29 AU ($0.99 US) and enjoy the new experience that Halfbrick are offering. Colossatron: Massive World Threat does not

Top 5 Games on Wii U

Tomorrow, it begins. The basic revolution, the Wii U, will finally succeed the Wii as Nintendo’s flagship console. It brings forth a tablet-like controller, a stronger emphasis on online features, and most of all, Nintendo games in HD. New hardware is always exciting when

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate PC Download

The Assassin’s Creed series has been running since 2007, that wonderful videogame starring Altair and you have to admit that kind of longevity gets boring and repetitive, much like Call of Duty now or starting to be and does come with a few risks

Resistance: Fall of Man PC Download

Resistance: Fall of Man is a well-presented and well-designed PC game. The in game environments are impressive and realistic. It doesn’t have a huge learning curve and you should have a good grasp of the game in about one hour. Two of the best

Titanfall 2 PC Download Full Version

Welcome the action of multiplayer that is second to none. The Titanfall 2 PC game brings players more of the multiplayer battle driven by adrenaline they have come to expect from the series. Start taking the fast-running, first-person action to the next level with

Football Manager 2019 PC Full Download

If you are one of those, who not only like football as a game, but also love playing it, Football Manager 2019 for PC is just the right choice for you. Although it is just a PC game, fun and excitement associated with it