Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy PC Download

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy PC Download

I honestly did not know what to expect when I first bought the Lego Star Wars II PC Video Game. Not being completely in tune to all of the movies, I did not really grasp onto the characters at first in the game which makes a difference when you’re going from episode to episode and especially when you’re playing free play. I also did not know where to go from Mos Eisley Cantina, but eventually figured it out. It would have been helpful to have a little guidance, as in directions on how to proceed.

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Review

My first experience was rather frustrating, because you start in Mos Eisley Cantina and you just have to figure it out on your own. After started to figure it out a little bit, I tried it again, and actually enjoyed it a lot more than I had thought I would. I will forewarn you however, that it can become rather addicting going through the episodes. I prefer video games that gives me somewhat of a physical work-out, and have tried my best to avoid video games such as this one, but I must admit the challenge of the game has been fun.

My biggest pet peeve of this game is not being able to pause in the middle of a level and come back to it later, but if you need to leave or stop the game you lose everything in that level that you gained and have to start over. When you’re trying to set a time limit for game time, that is rather hard to do when each level takes a different amount of time. It would have also been nice to know that it would be better to play free play at the end of each episode rather than going through all the episodes and then going back to free play. It not only would help because you are already fresh in mind on how to do that level, but also to being able to unlock countless points and characters that help you throughout the rest of the episodes.

The concept behind LEGO Star Wars is actually quite good. In the hands of a competent developer, this series could have really been a milestone for Lucasarts. Unfortunately, Travelers Tales is not that developer. TT takes over for running the Sonic franchise into the ground with titles like Sonic R and Sonic 3D blast, then jumping ship in order to do the same with Sonys ex-mascot, Crash Bandicoot, in the extremely poor Wrath of Cortex and its successor.

To understand the faults of this game is to understand the team behind it. Travelers Tales is not exactly the Uwe Boll of the game industry, as they show occasional potential and creativity, they just simply aren’t trying. TT is more like Paul Andersen (the evil moron behind AvP, Resident Evil, and the upcoming Castlevania flick). Studios with lesser financial backing and unknown properties to work with have down wonders, yet Travelers Tales prefers to just coast along on passable graphics and semi-functional game design. Enter LEGO Star Wars. Not one but TWO household names that would sell a million units even if they were slapped on a package of rotten hamburger. It’s likely Travelers felt that their work was pretty much done for them, and decided to slap together something resembling “fun” just for giggles.

LEGO Star Wars II is based on the original trilogy (Star Wars fans may appreciate the irony of the original trilogy actually being sequels to the recently-released and completely offensive new trilogy), in which Luke becomes a Jedi knight, befriends Han Solo and Chewy, and kisses his sister who doesn’t own any bras.

The game takes considerable freedom with the in-between parts that not in the movies, as each episode (the equivalent of a single movie in the trilogy) is now made up of several chapters. These chapters consist of things like Luke and Obi-Wan fighting Sand People on their way to slaughter helpless Jawas in order to save C-3PO and R2-D2. It doesn’t really “feel” right, but since this game is mostly aimed at kids its likely they wouldn’t even care about such things.

And if you’re buying this game for your 3 year old, then its likely a decent decision. But if you’re planning on adding an easy 1000 points to your gamerscore, or looking for some authentic Star Wars action, you’re in for a bit of disappointment. The game is very simple, offering up the most contrived and basic of puzzles or combat.

The graphics are cute, but Travelers Tales cleverly hides their laziness with the supposed LEGO-y simplicity of the models. While that’s all fine and good, the simple things like special effects and the details in the “blocks” (such as C-3PO’s stomach plate or wrinkles on clothing) are of terribly low quality. Just another reminder that the developers were on autopilot, likely already counting their money…

The games one saving grace WOULD have been coop, but surprise, surprise, there is no Live functionality. Some people will not mind lowering their standards for a bit of truly mindless gaming, but with so many amazing games deserving of the “next-gen” label and your hard earned money, its best to sit this trilogy out and let companies like Travelers Tales they need to try harder.

LEGOs themselves are perhaps the greatest invention in terms of toys, so it was the perfect marriage when Lucas’ dream was turn into an on-going LEGO phenomenon. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy games are rated E for Everyone, with the only title in the rating being that of Violence. However, Violence hardly implores what happens when the building pieces merely scatter every which way.

Lego Star Wars  II PC Download

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy PC Download

I would recommend the Lego Star Wars  II Video game for PC, just make sure you pace yourself like one level at a time instead of going through several, otherwise you will find that you will waste so much time that could be spent in a better way. I have also found that it has been fun to play against another person (by seeing who can get the farthest, by percentage, points and so on.)

You have the ability to save where you stop after a level is completed and can compare to someone else who is also playing the game. I did not notice this for awhile, but in each level you have a certain number of objects or items you must get to “pass-off” that level. You can see that before you enter into the door, for instance your canisters, blocks, if you received Trudi Jedi, and so on.

The game is epic and has generous amount of humor that doesn’t require anyone to be an avid fan of the Star Wars Saga, though, those parents who do love to indulge in the sci-fi epic, will undoubtedly feel a sense of nostalgia and experience the same humor their children will. The original can be purchased for under twenty dollars with a good enough search, while the sequel is ten dollars less than mainstream titles that go for fifty dollars (Soon to be sixty with the advent of the next generation of consoles). Tons of unlockables will have the children glued to the game for a good amount of time before they ask for another game and parents themselves might even find themselves sneaking a few games in before their kids finish homework and decide to play.

Have fun and good luck!