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Best Wii U Games for Family Fun

Playing video games with your kids is a great way to bond with them, but how do you choose which games are the best for your family? The Wii U offers many games that are terrific to play as a family. We’ve compiled a list of nine great Wii U games that cater to the

Top 10 Best Video Games for Kids and Families

Contrary to today’s mythos, video games are educational, social, and far from “geekdom”-there is something in the vast landscape of video games for everyone. Everyone from very small children, to the younger kid set, to pre-teens can not only find great games to enjoy, they can enjoy them with each other, or all together as

Top 5 Games on Wii U

Tomorrow, it begins. The basic revolution, the Wii U, will finally succeed the Wii as Nintendo’s flagship console. It brings forth a tablet-like controller, a stronger emphasis on online features, and most of all, Nintendo games in HD. New hardware is always exciting when it launches. There’s this electric feeling in the air. I remember

Best Wii Video Games for Kids of All Ages

On nearly every child’s holiday wish list is a selection of video games for kids. Luckily finding kid friendly video games is relatively easy. To help you with finding kid friendly video games, this list reveals some of fun, yet education games to provide hours of challenging fun and entertainment. Each of these games are